tentree - Protect The World You Play In

We know many of you have heard of the brand tentree, but we wanted to keep you updated on their progress and share some fun facts about the brand and exactly what you are supporting when you purchase an article of their clothing. 

First off not only is tentree a Canadian company (from Regina, Saskatchewan to be exact), but they also promise to plant 10 trees for every article purchased. They plant in areas based on the need for reforestation/or agroforestry and employee local villagers with a reliable income to support their families.

Ten trees will provide:

  • locals with a source of sustainable wood for building houses and cooking food

  • meaningful employment to impoverished areas

  • locals with over 6,000 pounds of fruit per year

  • absorbs over 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year

  • prevent soil erosion and return dry, arid land to its once fertile state

  • protect species of animals critical to the world's ecosystems

If you own any of their clothing then you know about how amazing their quality is, and that they use all eco-friendly materials. They believe what you wear matters, and that we should stay true to mother nature. 

Eco Materials:

  • Cork Trims - They use cork stripped from cork trees, which actually helps to increase their lifespan. (instead of leather)

  • Hemp - One of the most sustainable natural fibers, grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Hemp is incredibly strong, naturally microbial, and provides UV protection.

  • Tencel - Made form eucalyptus and processed into a fiber using non-toxic solvents that can be reused to reduce water wastage.

  • Recycled Polyester - Made from recycled bottles or PET that would otherwise go into landfills.

  • Organic Cotton - Grown without any harsh chemicals or pesticides.

  • Modal - A completely natural resource and sustainable source of raw material.

2017 A year In review - Here are a few more positive things the brand has accomplished in the last year.

  • Planted over 18 million trees
  • donated $8,000 of fresh water well drilling
  • $9,000 to wildfire relief
  • $8,000 to maternity health and education


Join the movement today and shop the new Spring 2018 collection!





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